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You wouldn’t pour straight alcohol on to a fresh wound, right? So why the same thing to your face with store does basically bought shaving gel or foam that has large amounts of alcohol in them?

Many men have come to dislike shaving because it produces an uncomfortable burning or irritating sensation, but many skin care professionals have discovered that this can easily be avoided by just getting rid of shaving gel and foam with high alcohol content altogether. The alcohol in these products dries out skin instead of preparing it to get shaved (skin should be hydrated and conditioned before shaving, not dried out). Also, these canned products usually have more air than gel or foam in them, which affects their ability to let your facial hairs stand up right while you are shaving them, therefore decreasing the softness, easiness, and thoroughness of your shave. This also increases the chance of your razor dragging over your skin and “burning” it. If you experience these kinds of discomfort regularly, or have a less than soft shave when using alcohol based products, you should switch to glycerin based quality shaving cream, soap or gel, and it will likely improve your shaving experience greatly.

The Difference between Shaving Gel, Cream and Foam in Barber Supplies

We find that those who have very specific needs when it comes to shaving, such as having sensitive skin or specific facial hair styles usually go with shaving gel and barber supplies. This is why men with sensitive skin or manicured facial hair prefer shaving gel. Men who need to go around their goatee or mustache also prefer gel because it is clear and doesn’t foam up so they can see the hair and avoid accidentally shaving off parts of their facial hair. Gel also makes it easier to avoid cutting skin or re shaving over areas you already got to, plus they are usually unscented, so it is ideal for those with sensitive skin or skin problems.

But if this isn’t an issue for you, you can go with shaving soap or cream. When it comes to picking between the two, the results are very similar, so it really comes to personal preference. People who like to do their own things, like grinding their own coffee, ironing their clothes, and the like will probably prefer shaving soap, because you can work up the lather yourself. Those who prefer to pick up coffee or drop off clothes at the dry cleaners, however, would probably be better off with a shaving cream, as it is already lathered up right out of the can.

Other things to consider when picking a shaving product to buy are whether the product is scented or not, and if so what kind of scent, and how you plan to store the product and apply it (do you use a shave bowl or a brush, do you just apply it directly on to your face, etc.). No matter what you end up picking, know that these shaving creams, soaps, and shaving gel will ultimately be better for you because they are either alcohol free or low in alcohol content, and are designed to soothe, condition, and repair your skin while you are shaving.

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