Products, Tools, And Supplies To Fully Equip Your Barber Shop

Products, Tools, And Supplies To Fully Equip Your Barber Shop

While beauty salons are all about creating a dazzling decor, barber shop is more about the functionality of the space. They are designed to meet a simple mission: Provide good haircuts. As every good barber knows, the foundation of their business is a pair of hair clippers that is affordable and of professional quality. Without this important tool, success is elusive. In order to provide your customers with the styles and cuts they desire, has created a catalog of barber supplies that makes buying your tools a breeze.

Ensure that you have the right kinds of professional supplies, products, and hair styling tools by shopping with our extensive selection of supplies for barber shops.

Equipment For Barber Shop

If your shop isn’t properly equipped, your customers won’t feel comfortable during their trim, shave, or cut. The single most important piece of equipment in your shop is a quality styling chair. has a wide variety of barber equipment, including chairs, in stock.

* Barber Chair, Hydraulic: #XZ-31819
* Barber Chair, Hydraulic Silver #AS-3607
* Chair, All Purpose #SH-30512 DG1
* Single Drawer Styling Station: 36 inch

The hair clippers you purchase for use at your barber shop will get a lot of use, since the clientele is mostly male. It is imperative that you do your research and choose the very best set to meet your needs. At, we have a fine collection of corded clippers as well as clippers that can handle both dry and wet cuts in addition to blade kits. You will find trusted brands like Wahl clipper, Andis clipper, and Oster clipper

* Haircutting Kits
* Blade Sets And Blades
* Cordless Clippers`
* Corded Clippers

Barber Shears

Once you’ve selected your favorite clippers, you will need a quality pair of shears. You’ll damage more than your client’s haircut if you make the mistake of buying a pair of low quality shears. You will also create excess stress on your wrist and hand and risk developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Look for a quality set that includes everything you need from styling shears to thinning shears to get the professional finish you want without straining your hands.

* Styling Shears
* Blending And Thinning Shears

Barber Shavers And Razors

Since many customers are in need of a good clean shave, find the right tools for shaving as well as more modern trimmers for beards and mustaches. Your one-stop shop for all all the tools and supplies you need for your barber ship are available at with their wide selection of modern facial trimmers and traditional shaving tools. You can see our shaving tools and facial trimmers below.

* Facial Trimmers
* Facial Shavers And Hair Razors

Sterilizing And Disinfectant Equipment

Your barber shop should always be clean. You can use your disinfectant jars to do more than clean your tools and provide a sterile environment. Choose decorative jars to complete your decor in the shop. You’ll find a large selection of sterilizing and disinfectant equipment at

* Cleaners, Disinfectants, And Sanitizers
* Barbicide

Hair Products For Men

Barber shop should always stock products that fill the needs of their customers. There is a wide variety of beauty products on the market that come in a range of textures and types that enhance hair styles on men. On, take the time to browse the selection of grooming products available. has an extensive list of barber supplies. You will find the name brands that you have learned to trust at affordable prices.

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