Pomade vs. Mousse vs. Hair Gel: Which One Is The Best Hair Styling For Men In Barber Shop?

Getting your hair look amazing will need some products and sometimes visiting the barber shop to get the right hair products can be quite challenging. This is especially when you have a range of options from gel to pomade and to the mousse. However, you will need to know the exact product that will go well with your hair. Below you will find more information on what you really need to learn.

barber shop - pomade

Use Pomade For Exactness

It is one of the best hair products in the market today. This is because it is made to work with every hair styles and types due to its ability to bring flake-free styling in your hair, and you have the option of either applying it on dry or wet hair. It is important to know that when you use it on wet hair, you will get shine look but with much less hold than when applied to dry hair.

Pomade will also give your hair the best structure and texture that it deserves. You do not have to worry on how to remove it because water-based pomades are easy to clean out with shampoo and water.

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Use Mousse for Soft Hold

The formula is not popular to many people as it was in the 80s because it tends to dry up the hair and makes it feel crunchy. But, if you are looking for a thicker hair style, it is advisable that you choose the mouse. This is because it helps your hair to achieve denser appearance due to the chemicals in it.

barber shop - gel

Use Gel for the Oily Effect

When you want to style your hair in one position, you should think of Hair Gel, but it has some downsides. For example, you may not love the way it sticks on your head.  However, you should enjoy the firmness and easy to styles looks when you decide to use the gel. Gel also is easy to wash out and will not take much effort and time.

Key Things to Note at barber shop:

If you want to achieve that perfect look and style at barber shop, the main important thing is the kind of product that you go for. As you have learned, the formula on the products determines how your hair will look like and ensure you have applied as directed.

Make a good choice because the hairstyling products will determine the outcome.
– Mousse will give you thicker hair style look but with a light hold.
– Gel will make your hair greasy and shiny but will hold it in the desired place.
– Pomade will be the perfect one, and you have to use it appropriately to achieve good results.

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