The Basics To Understanding Hair Loss

Hair Loss

An Introduction To Hair Loss Hair grows on every place on human skin except for the soles of your feet and palms of your hands. However, many of these hairs are so fine that they are practically invisible. Hair is comprised of keratin, which is a protein. It is produced inside hair follicles that are […]

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Brand Story : Mane ‘n Tail Hair care solutions

Hair care solutions

Hair care solutions for longer, stronger, fuller, thicker hair Devon B. Katzev, President of Straight Arrow, says, “Our Original formula Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and its companion conditioner have been a best kept secret for beauty aficionados everywhere.” How did it all begin? Those two particular products reached iconic status when the equestrian audience started […]

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Barber Chairs | A Colorful History of Koken

Hydraulic Barber Chair

Article by Gabriel Griesi Koken barber chairs are very popular among antique collectors. The design and quality of these chairs are outstanding. They were cutting edge during their time period too, being the first ones to include a hydraulic lift that would easily raise or lower them. To a barber, it was heaven-sent. It meant […]

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