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One of the most important things a barber shop should have is a comforting atmosphere. Men should be happy to walk in, get a haircut, talk about their day and walk out feeling a little more confident. But a barber shop with the right supplies isn’t going to save a shop with a great atmosphere. If you are going to open a shop then these are the essential barber supplies you are going to need.


The most important tool to a barber is his clippers. There shouldn’t be any bargain shopping when it comes to buying clippers, because the last thing you want is a pair of clippers that fail halfway through cutting a client’s hair. Keep in mind that clippers are going to be working extensively in your shop and having a few backups won’t hurt.


Shiny and sharp pair of scissors should always be nearby for those fine edges. In fact, some men don’t like having their hair cut with clippers, which means you are going to need a quality pear of shears. Once again, don’t be stingy and get some backups.

The Right Furniture

The right barber furniture ties in nicely with the atmosphere mentioned before. It’s crucial that you buy the right furniture, because you want your customers to feel at ease, especially if they are waiting. Consider the furniture as an investment.

Barber Poles

What would a barber shop be without the traditional barber poles? Luckily there are many modern designs to choose from if you don’t want to look old-fashioned. But you can’t argue that barber poles is the perfect way to let people know your shop is open for business.

Combs and Hair Dryers

Combs and hair dryers are also essential parts of barber supplies. Who knows, one or two female clients might even step into your shop so you want to be prepared for anything. You should also know that men are becoming much more conscious about the state of their hair. This means they will be expecting a professional blowout.

After Shave Lotion And Styling Gel

As mentioned before, metrosexual men are going to be looking for more than just a cut. Effectively applying some styling gel after giving a haircut will show that you don’t mind going the extra mile to make your customers look good. The same goes for the after shave lotion. Even though men don’t really go to barber shops for shaves anymore, you might get one or two old-fashioned clients.


There you have the basic barber supplies you will need when you open your shop. Remember to buy quality products, because clients will notice and they will judge your service based on the quality products that you use. Above everything else you want your clients to know they deserve the best. This mentality will automatically ensure a “return” client base. If only buying the skills to be a barber was this simple.

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