Hercules Sagemann Triumph Master Technic Comb 7643


Hercules Sagemann Triumph Master Technic Comb 7643


Triumph Master hair comb features almost indestructible design and meets the highest professional standards. It is crafted in Germany in high quality moulding tools and is free of coarse, hair damaging burrs. The comb is made of special plastic compounds which add excellent elasticity for perfect gliding. It can be used for hair cutting and general styling – the combination of wide and fine teeth makes it a truly indispensable working tool in the hairdressing kit of any master or hair enthusiast.

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Hercules Sagemann Triumph Master Technic Comb 7643

Triumph Master Technic comb is crafted in Germany by one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of exclusive combs and brushes. Since 1856, Hercules Sagemann has been producing premium combs and brushes that offer maximum protection to the sensitive cuticles and are resistant to breaking. Triumph Master hair comb with wide and fine teeth proudly continues these traditions.

It is moulded into its final shape in a single production step and does not have coarse burrs that would rip or pull hairs. Excellent gliding ability and antistatic effects make it perfect for smooth combing through wet and dry hair.

Polycarbonate and polyoxymethylene (POM) compounds, along with moulding tools, determine the comb quality and properties. Polycarbonate is known for being extremely resistant and makes the comb almost indestructible. POM adds excellent elasticity needed for perfect gliding without unpleasant snagging. Both compounds guarantee optimal dimensional stability and an outstanding resistance against most known chemicals used in a hairdresser’s practice.

  • Made in Germany by Hercules-Sagemann since 1856
  • Glides smoothly through wet and dry hair
  • Antistatic, heat- and chemical-resistant
  • Tried and tested ergonomics

Length 8.5″


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