Gamma+ X-Ergo Cordless Clipper


Gamma+ X-Ergo Cordless Clipper


  • Microchipped PC board and 9V motor for more power and torque
  • 10,000 SPM
  • DLC Fixed taper blade with DLC shallow cutter – Zero gappable
  • 120min cordless runtime/105 min recharge time


  • 1 Cordless Clipper (Gamma+ X-Ergo)
  • Stretch and tight brackets
  • Charging stand
  • Pass-thru cord (for corded or cordless use)
  • 8 double magnetic guards
  • 3 lids
  • Transparent thumb rest & cleaning/maintenance kit.
  • Convenient mini screwdriver for blade regulation and custom body modifications
  • 1 Year Warranty.

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Gamma+ X-Ergo Cordless Clipper

With the Gamma+ X-Ergo Cordless Clipper, the magnetic motor (the holy grail of clipper motors) just got souped-up. Already considered the most heavy-duty and professional motor, the Gamma X-Ergo features the latest in magnetic motor technology with a microchipped PC board and 9V motor for even more power and torque.

This turbocharged long-life magnetic motor runs at 10,000 strokes per minute; not only offering the ultimate in speed, power, and longevity, but the quietest performance of any professional clipper.

The fully modular Gamma+ X-Ergo Cordless Clipper includes Matte Gold, Matte Rose Gold, and Matte Chrome body kits to create different custom modifications.  The transparent thumb rest is engineered to be perfectly balanced in your hand. The X-Ergo features customizable taper options for the most consistent results.

Fully adjustable DLC fixed taper blade with DLC shallow cutter can be easily zero gapped for the closest cut and finish. Highest quality Black Diamond Carbon DLC blade stays cooler, rust-free, and sharper longer.

Featuring never before seen customization options the Gamma+ X-Ergo Cordless Clipper offers 3 varying lever choices: 2 click system levers and 1 floating system lever. Also included, Tight or Stretch taper bracket kits for long or short taper options. With a 120 minute cordless runtime and 105 minute re-charge.

A complete set of 8 professional double neodymium magnetic guards are included. Designed and engineered to prevent clipper blade teeth from rubbing and an advanced hair channel system on outer teeth for improved feeding of hair to the blade. Magnets are securely fastened to the guards and will not fall off. The double magnet system ensures your guards will stay in place during your haircut. Also included is a special stretch bracket designed to be used with the floating (non-click) lever. Use this bracket to extend your taper to a full #1!


Includes: 1 Cordless Clipper (Gamma+ X-Ergo Cordless Clipper), stretch and tight brackets, charging stand, pass-thru cord (for corded or cordless use), 8 double magnetic guards, 3 lids, transparent thumb rest, & cleaning/maintenance kit. Convenient mini screwdriver for blade regulation and custom body modifications, 1 Year Warranty.

*Part of Stylecraft/Gamma Quality Control is testing the blades cutting performance. In order to do so, the machine is tested on synthetic clear grey nylon fiber to ensure you receive a perfect product.  If you do see the nylon fibers, rest assured your machine is not used. Stylecraft/Gamma also pre oils your machines so the machines are ready to use after a full charge!*