Afro & Twist Comb – Black or Red


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Afro & Twist Comb – Black or Red


What it is:
This is a combined hair twisting tool and afro-comb. It can be used by both males and females, young and old.

There are two different applications:
a. Whilst holding the afro-comb spikes, the area with the hollow squares is rubbed in a circular motion against textured hair. This causes twists of hair to be formed. This process may be aided by the application of a twist and lock gel or regular styling gel.
b. The afro-comb part can be used in the regular manner to comb hair.

1. Two in one (twisting comb and afro comb)
2. Does not get easily dirty unlike sponges used for hair twisting and is easy to clean
3. Reasonable retail price
4. Has greater longevity than competing products as it is made of plastic.
5. It is portable and fits in a purse or small bag.
6. May be used in a hair salon or be shared without health risks as it can be easily cleaned or disinfected
7. It is quick to use and may take less than a minute for basic twists

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